Abide better through cooperation

Abide connects students in need of low-cost housing with seniors who have a spare room.

Abide Finder

Abide journey starts with signing up to the platform. We conduct background checks to ensure that the person you are looking to abide with, is a reputable person. We try to match-up people who can support each other. Because we are community first, real estate second.

Custom Contracts

Once you have found the person would like to abide with, our platform provides the means for our clients to negotiate a customised contract that suits their individual needs

Ongoing Support

Abide isn’t just about matching people once, it’s about building a community. So our platform will continue to provide ongoing support to make sure your intergenerational abode is a space you love!

We have a lot of support but here are our core members!
Andy Smith

Andy Smith


Andy is passionate about community projects that helps to advance a more abundant future for all. Andy is the visionary driving Abide forward.

Tinni Choudhury

Tinni Choudhury


Tinni is very passionate about building innovative enterprises for our data-rich future. She's here to help us build the platform.